DN42 Network

Hey, I'm AS4242421690, a primarily UK-based DN42 Network.

AS4242421690 is maintained by WN-NETWORKS a joint ‘org’ between Will Wilson and I.

You can find out more about DN42 here.

You can find me on the DN42 IRC (@nevexo) or the DN42 Telegram Group (Nevexo/Cameron Fleming)

You’re best off finding information about our network on the DN42 route collector, I don’t trust myself to keep this page up to date. So to see our routes, prefixes & maintainer information visit AS4242421690 on the DN42 Route Collector


Below is a list of our active nodes.

nev0.uk.dn42.nevexo.space (VyOS/WireGuard)

A node running in Lancashire, United Kingdom.

Not available for peering.

coventry0.uk.dn42.nevexo.space (Bird2/WireGuard)

A node running in Coventry, United Kingdom.

Peering information coming soon. (And eventually automated).