A list of my active & retired projects.

I often write software for tmw.media, some of these projects are from college & university & the rest are just personal projects.

ecksClone Visual Studio Code Theme Active

ecksClone is an Xcode-style editor/syntax theme for Visual Studio Code that Jack-JB and I design & maintain.

View the source

Get the theme

tmw.media API Active

The tmw.media API is a closed-source (for now) node.js micro-service based API used primarily for our internet radio, GGRadio.net. It interacts with Icecast to pull now-playing information and exposes to over a RESTful API, for example /ggradio/aggregates

Mixer Retweet (RetweetX) Retired

RetweetX is a node.js based Twitter bot with a rule system. It’s mainly used for Mixer Retweet, a Twitter account I co-own that’s used for promoting people’s Mixer live streams.

Update: As Mixer.com is closing down, this project has been retired. The source code is now on GitHub but won’t be maintained, at least not in the foreseeable future.

Radio Show Text-in Platform In Development

During the George Greenaway 24 & 48 hour shows I built a text-in platform that allows fans of the show to send SMS, Tweets, Facebook messages etc into a central dashboard that presenters can view.

For the upcoming 72 hour show I’m building a new, mini-micro-service platform in Node (and maybe Rust). This version is open source, and the in-development codebase can be viewed at this GitHub repo.

Local Business Networking & Surveillance Active

I built and still maintain a small network for a local business.

We use EdgeMAX for routing, HP/Aruba for switching, various CCTV-Camera vendors & Milestone XProtect for recording.

More information is available on request.

Car-Game Assignment Retired College

In 2020 I built a car-driving game for my BTEC work. A working version is available here.

And the souce is available on my GitHub

‘Shootblocker’ BTEC Assignment Work Retired College

Over 2019-2020 my class & I designed a Phaser.js based game for our BTEC work. A working version is available here

This project mainly focused on using Git source control to manage work across multiple people. It’s on GitHub but private. It’s not the kind of codebase I’d want on display.

HBWS BTEC Assignment Work Retired College

In 2019 we were tasked with designing a website for a fictional busiess as part of the Computing BTEC.

The source is available on my GitHub - there’s nolonger a working online version of this website. Probably for the better.