My Projects

Here you'll find a list of my active, retired and in development projects.

tmw.media API Active

The tmw.media API is a high-performance, RESTful IceCast 2 API. It offers information on: now playing, recently played, artwork and website telemetry.
While it's primary use-case is tmw.media's own websites such as GGRadio.net, anybody can read the documentation, and use it for their own projects.
tmw.media API is written in TypeScript and uses Docker containers for management. For communication, a RESTful Express API and WebSockets are used.

January 2020: A new micro-service version of this API is currently in development. More info soon.

Mixer Retweet / Retweet X Active

MixerRetweet (MXRRT, RTX) is an advanced Twitter auto-retweet bot used primarily by Mixer Retweet.
An open-source version of this project will be available soon, but for now it remains closed source until the API is fully developed, and the bugs are ironed out.

Virtual Market Discord Bot Active

VM-Bot is another project I developed for tmw.media - it's a fairly simple Discord bot for Virtual Market (a virtual goods trading forum)
It has moderation, rule searching, automatic role management, anti-spam features and welcome messages.
Once the codebase has been tidied up, I will make this project open source.

Show Text-In Platform Retired In Development

During the George Greenaway 24 and 36 hour radio marathons, I wrote a text-in system that collects SMS messages, Facebook messages and Tweets to
display them on a simple web interface. It was written in Node.JS, and used basic HTML/CSS/JS for the frontend.
This project has been retired for the time being, it will remain in this state unless it's needed again in the future

January 2020: A new version of this platform is currently in development for the next Radio Marathon.
Visit the in-development version.

Local Business Network & Surveillance InfrastructureActive

I maintain a small network and CCTV system for a local business in my area, we use EdgeMAX routing, HP Switchgear and
various vendors of CCTV cameras. As well as VMware, Windows Server and Milestone XProtect software solutions.
More information available on request and on my CV.

Car-Game Assignment Retired College

In 2020 I created a HTML/CSS/JS car-game using the Phaser Game Engine. The project is live here
and the source code is on GitHub.

HBWS Assignment Website Retired College

HBWS was a fictional web design/development business made for a college assignment.
Part of the assignment was to create a website for the company.